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Biyernes, Oktubre 14, 2011

My Adventure Online Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡

by Mary Claire Amandy¯\_(ツ)_/¯
October 15, 2011

I really enjoy this blogging experience especially because it’s a group blog and we can choose whoever we want to be within the group. Of course! I chose to be with my friends and we had agreed to have a fashion blog. When we’re talking about how our blog should go I am already worried because I am thinking of the entries that I will upload. Will it make sense? Will people read it? Gosh! What if nobody read my entry? More than ever our grade will also depend on how many will follow and read our blog. Haha thoughts like that are kept flashing through my mind. I can’t help it I haven’t experienced blogging. I am new to this. Plus the fact that we will feature different fashion sense of students from different universities and the new and “IT” trends these days.

It was fun sharing tips and suggestions about fashion even though I am not that into fashion. Yeah right! Haha how will you be able to give tips and suggestions about fashion if you yourself need it? But then with the help of my friends I manage to do it. Before the due date of uploading of entries, we interview students from different colleges to describe their craze and ask tips and suggestions. Before we did this “interrogation” thing, my thought was like “everyone is wearing the same clothes I mean blouse, T-shirt, shorts, pants, what’s the difference?” Afterwards I learned that everyone is different from each other because of the reasons of why they are wearing what they are wearing and that makes them UNIQUE from the rest.

My first blog entry was about a make-up tutorial on how to be a “ROCK CHICK!” I studied cosmetology when I was in high school but I’m not really into it so I just learned the basics in putting a make-up. I know my learning about this course is not enough so I got help from the video tutorials in youtube. I was sooo happy when we first uploaded our entry. When I was thinking of what my second entry will be I thought that if my ideas of my first entry is from the videos that I watched, why not make a video. I decided to make slide show and got the pictures from the online shops. Surely I ask the owner of the online shops if I could use the images of their products and ask them some questions about their business. It was entertaining to make a slide show since it’s also my first time to make one. On the third entry, since we love to man-hunt we agreed to feature male fad like how they fix their hair, their clothing, their accessories and etc. well I prefer to feature the male’s flavour when it comes to wearing jeans in view of the fact that there’s a lot of jeans’ design now.

Everything’s running smoothly when our DISASTER came! OUR BLOG WAS HACKED! OMG! Haha my friend texted me saying someone hacked our blog. And I replied with “OMG! What the hell happened? Masyado ata nagandahan sa blog natin.haha” that was my initial reaction well that is because I don’t want to stress myself and I know that all is going to be well. Nevertheless when I realized that all our entries was deleted and remembered that our professor will rely on our blog in grading us that’s when the panicky feeling came. Well, thank you to our excellent Dean, Mam Angie. She allowed us to make a new blog and upload again our works. ^_^

I am not really into writing however I enjoy this blogging thing and it turned out that this is not just a requirement for me but a time for me to bond with my classmates slash friends. Also it’s a learning experience for me because it gives me chance to explore myself into other fields of writing. Hope one day I’ll have the courage to make my personal blog and discuss things that will people will be fond of.

Tough times never last, tough people do ^_^,v

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