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Biyernes, Oktubre 14, 2011

Blogging, Can I?

by Kathlyn G. Clemente

                I am not new on blogging, I have done one but failed to pursue it because of lack of the ability to write good articles and the absence of interesting topic. Through blogging people can express their ideas and emotions, plus their opinions about something they have seen. Sometimes it is a way for a person to show and tell who they are. There are a lot of different blogs circulating on the internet, from fashion, to politics, to personal and lot more.       

                Making our group blog is one of the requirements that our professor has given to us. We need to upload stories at a given deadline. We’ve been tasked to blog about our own field of interest. For us, we have chosen the student’s fashion. We did observed and asked students around the campus about their fashion statements and styles. While doing the blog we did interview our fellow students around the campus in order for us to have enough opinions and information on what they say about fashion. It is nice to have an experience of talking to them because it practices our skill on interacting towards people. Writing online or blogging is a very powerful tool in expressing such views and informing people. Having the experience of blogging is quite fun. We have felt the responsibility of our writing. Even though we do take fashion as our center of interest, we still have the task not to step on others people views or opinions. We did consider that we are giving information and assures that they had fun reading it. There came the time that our blog site has been hacked. All of our entries are gone, luckily I have saved my entries to my email and laptop therefore no hassle thinking of writing it again. We as a group immediately addressed the problem and solve it. We did make a new blog. There are just moments that we are faced with something that instead of cursing and complaining, we just need to solve the trouble right away without feeling so much stress.             
                One of my goals in life is to have a very sensible blog. I just have a dilemma that I am not good in writing and hard to produce an interesting one.  I know the fact that blogging can move people. It is widely used by students and intellectual people who care and aware on what’s happening around them. This requirement made me realize that it is fun to write online and also to see who’s going to follow and will have their comments, even though we gather a little. Nevertheless, it is still a fulfillment.  

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