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Biyernes, Oktubre 14, 2011

I Blogged!

by Almera Y. Arabis

To write online was something new to me. And at first I hated the idea because I have never been confident on the way I write. Another reason was the fact that a lot of people will have the chance to read and criticize my writings. It made me fearful that I might do some mistakes which will cause me embarrassment. But after posting my first article a realization suddenly hit me, -- GREAT, I realize how great it feels whenever you finish one article and be able to post it online. Another feeling that I won’t ever forget was when I saw someone’s name on the followers list, the fact that we were not yet promoting our blog. It was PRICELESS.  It’s a simple act but a big thing for our group because it’s a recognition and a sign that someone appreciates our blog. Aside from this, I also won’t forget the time when our account got hacked and that was one of teeth grinding experience dude, the most of us were like one hell of panicked babies. And I can’t remember how many times we have cursed that hacker, although we really don’t have any idea who that “attackerboy” was. We were really mad that we even planned on learning how to hack on someone’s account but thanks to the questions “Can we really do that? Are we that evil?” that we did not pursue on our plan—hahah.

Thanks to this activity that I learned a lot of things. I’ve learned the proper way of writing online. I’ve learned to work under pressure, the fact that we need to submit and post our articles on a specific deadline. I’ve learned to pay attention on things that I usually don’t pay attention to, to write considering your readers’ interest and to do tasks without stepping on other people’s views and opinions. This experience even made me want to create my own personal blog. And I will be doing it not because I am required to but simply because I like doing it.

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