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Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

Billie JEANS! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

September 26, 2011
By Mary Claire Amandy

Want to have jeans that can make you look and feel SEXY even if 
you’re just
 wearing your simple shirt?

Skinny jeans
A style that can give you a thin figure.

Slim jeans
Style that can make you look you lose weight.

Straight fit jeans
Style for your everyday wear.

Taper jeans
Style that gives you slimmer, more body conscious cut that fits closer to your form.

Boot cut jeans
This can be the best style for you even if you don’t have a pair of boots.

Relaxed straight jeans         Loose straight jeans
Style with a combination of comfortable fit with a stylish dark wash.

Classic fit
Comfort fit jeans             Relaxed fit jeans
Classic style that is made to fit the way your jeans should FIT you!

The Guy’s Wardrobe Must Haves

September 26, 2011
by Jean Elejorde

Women may have more fashion options but men have no shortage options whenever they decide on their fashions. If women have the “wardrobe’s must haves”, the men are also into with it. Men’s fashion trends are momentary, so when buying clothes, one must focus on classic looks that are always in style and can be mix and match with other clothing items. There are many clothing items that every man should own that they can be worn in their work and in other social settings.
Sampson Quain, an eHow Contributor, identified some of the clothing items that will never be out of style in her article “What Clothes Should Every Guy in His Closet”? Here are some of the items a man must have in his wardrobe:

Casual Trousers
·       Casual trousers can be dressed up for work or dressed down to wear at clubs or other social environments. Most men instantly think of khakis, which is fine, but you may wish to diversify your wardrobe by also selecting all-wool trousers and cotton blends, such as chinos. In terms of color, stick to the basics: navy, black, gray or beige. Casual trousers should be loose and comfortable, unlike dressier trousers, which are often more form-fitting

Although they're not technically items of clothing, good black shoes are invaluable for completing a man's look. Shoes that are poorly chosen, the wrong color or out of style can ruin what is otherwise a killer combination of shirt, suit and tie. A basic pair of black shoes should be rounded at the toes, not square, and should be made from genuine leather. If you can only afford one pair, buy shoes that have laces to give you the classiest look. Once your budget expands, you can purchase brown dress shoes that can be matched with jeans or casual trousers.
·         A good suit is a basic requirement in every man's closet. This applies even if you don't work in a job that demands formal wear. A nice suit expresses class and style, and can be worn for parties, weddings and important meetings. Your suit should be made from wool and should fit perfectly---meaning you should have it professionally tailored. Black, gray and navy blue suit jackets never go out of style, and can be paired with a variety of slacks. Double-breasted suits used to be in fashion, but single-breasted suits with two buttons are the classic style as of 2011.

White Dress Shirt and Tie
·         A classic white dress shirt is an essential part of every man's closet. It can be worn with a sweater and paired with dress pants, casual trousers, jeans and even the right kind of shorts. A good white dress shirt should be made from cotton, and should have a spread collar that allows you to wear a tie or still look refined without one. Like a good suit, a classic dress shirt should be properly sized and professionally tailored. 
Adding a good tie to your wardrobe gives you more options when putting together an ensemble. You can never go wrong with a solid black, dark gray or navy blue tie, but you can also choose more bold stripes and colors to add some zest to your wardrobe.

·         Although it may seem obvious for every man to own at least one pair of jeans, selecting the right pair is important. Light blue, white and stonewashed jeans are not in fashion as of 2011, and should only be worn at home, if at all. Dark blue and black are the best color choices, because they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the situation. A man's jeans should not have holes as a fashion statement, but should be solid and well-made. Jeans should fit comfortably, but shouldn't be overly baggy. Skinny jeans, once designed exclusively for women, have become popular with teenage boys, but men should stick to classic jeans.

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September 25, 2011
by Kathlyn Clemente

Bright colors are the one that makes an individual stand out or remain barely discernible. It is typically applied in fashion particularly to women, but how about to men?

Normally when we saw men wearing bright colored outfit we implied that they are a gay, having the reason that men do not regularly wear loud or bright colored attire because it is commonly symbolizes femininity. Back in time during the 80’s and 90’s, it was the moment that people are wearing bright colored clothes and it is very trending. It may give the impression of being childish and weird to someone but this modern time, it is now a hip way to show how modern youth, particularly men, can play on their ideas on being trendy. Most men believed that wearing it increases their masculinity because they are brave enough to prove themselves and not afraid of criticisms of people who are narrow minded. Real men can wear it without worrying on having a controversy of being a gay. It makes men stand out from the rest and it is a very successful way to be a magnet for the attention of women. Men look smashing and positive that makes women stare at them and at the same time it builds their strong personality. It is also an endearing look to men who brings interest to the dreary getup that women will definitely like.

This proves that fashion is not only for women, men can also have the sense of fashion. From bright to dull colors, as long as men or women can have the guts to turn it into a glamorous style then no one can prevent them to show what they look.

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Do it like a dude

September 26, 2011
by Almera Arabis

Men, just like women, need to groom. Men need to look fresh and young, to be attractive and to be refreshing. Whether you are panky type, or you’re a more of a classic type, or a guy always on formal attire, or a gothic guy, or even a rockista, you need to always look on the go. The key actors are skin care, wardrobe, attitude and a perfect perfume as well. So is the hair. Grooming won’t be complete leaving the hair messy. Even if you are wearing the trendiest clothing in town if you don’t give enough effort on your hair, everything will be useless. Here are some simple routines that can help you maintain a manly look with your hair.


Shampoo: Choose a nice shampoo with a scent that would be appealing to other people’s taste, a shampoo with a ph balanced to keep your hair looking healthy and clean. Shampoo your hair twice in every bath to ensure that the scalp is thoroughly cleaned up.  This can make you look cool and feel great.

Tone: Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips or the pads of your fingers and not with your fingernails as if you are making a spider push-ups with your hands. Make it a routine whenever taking a bath even for just a few minutes because it helps the scalp release its natural oil since most of the oil is near the scalp and doing this is a good thing for the hair.

Condition: Condition your hair with a moisturizer. This can make your hair look smooth especially if you have dry hair.

Pat Dry:  don’t rub your hair when drying, do it in a squeezing motion or on a direction the hair grows to avoid tangles causing damage to hair cuticles which can lead to frizziness and split ends. And blow drying can also damage your hair and scalp but if it’s a necessity for you to use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray to coat the hair and protect it from damage. 

Stay away from Chemical Treatments. Don’t torture your hair with repeatedly coloring because this can make your hair look dry, dull, and lifeless. If you have an extra penny, you can go to a professional stylist to give the proper treatment for your hair type. Don't be cheap when it comes to hair styling products. It’s better to spend for good quality gel, pomade, or any other hair products than to be problematic on how to revive your old hair after it has been damage because of using cheap and low quality products.;

Use the Right Tools when grooming. Use natural bristles brush, wide-toothed comb if you have curly hair and if combing wet hair to lessen tangles. Avoid using blow dryer and irons to keep your hair looking healthy. Have a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, exercise, drink 8 glasses of water daily, get enough sleep, doing all of these will result  in a healthier scalp and hair.

Choose a nice style pal choose a comfortable hair style that can easily be maintain and suits your lifestyle. If you have a short hair, you probably won’t need any styling maintenance since it will style itself with the help of the natural oil from your scalp.

Minimize the use of tight hats dude. The use of tight hats can cause traction alopecia or falling hair. This can lead to a permanent damage to the scalp and might lead to baldness. So if the occasion or situation doesn’t require it, you better avoid the use of tight hats.

Keep it Trimmed. Get your hair trimmed every six weeks, by this, you can prevent the worsening of damaged hair such as split ends. Choose a hair cut that is age appropriate and that can make you look years younger in appearance. Consider the shape of your face in choosing the right hair cut. Trust your trimmings and hair cut only to professionals.

Get Rid of Gray. Gray hair can add a few years to your appearance, so better get rid of them, by that you will be able to look age younger than your real age. Avoid home jobs because wrong choice of chemicals might give you a bad hair day for how many weeks or months so, better ask for the skills of professionals to avoid damage on hair. 


Vintage Hip!

September 8, 2011
by Jean Elejorde
The old is out. In fashion, everything, old or new, is always on the cycle. New trends may come in different era. But as what the fashion experts says, it is just a cycle. There's really no difference between today's fashion and trends from long ago. Trends just evolve through time with a modern twist to it. Most trends are just making a comeback like wide-legged pants, high-waisted bottoms, leopard prints, and a lot more. People nowadays are more adventurous when it comes to experimenting and incorporating different patterns and styles together, which makes the old look modernized and totally in fashion right now.
In casual fashion todays, vintage is becoming a hit today. When we hear of the word vintage, we often relate it to the old or antique. But according to fashion dictionary, vintage fashion is clothing and accessories that are at least 25 years old. However, as vintage fashion is now sought-after the world over. An item described as vintage should speak of the era in which it was produced, of a certain quality, standard, fashion, design and aesthetic. Vintage is a term applicable to a wider variety of objects, including items that may or may not be antique.
Wearing vintage clothes shows everyone that you stand out from the crowd and know a thing or two about style and fashion. You will never have to worry that someone else might be wearing the exact outfit as you have. Youngsters seek for vintage clothes because it shows uniqueness and originality. Some vintage clothes can be mixed up with modern apparel. Vintage clothes are exciting, cheap, and allow you to create your own original look.
Wearing vintage clothes will not make you old. It is in the right choice and combination of clothes and accessories that will blend with you, personality, your comfort ability, and will make you younger and fashionable.
CHECK your mom or grandmother’s wardrobe. LOOK for that vintage. DO the MIX and MATCH.

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September 8, 2011
by Kathlyn Clemente

Hair is the crowning glory of a woman. It is some kind of an asset that makes a woman standout among the rest. Hair needs a lot of attention and caring in order for it to become healthy and shiny. At the present time, many kind of hair styles are artistically created and developed, may it be from casual to glamorous looks. But most of the students have hairs that are fixed casually in the reason of comfortability during class. Also it is simple and easy to fix because it consume less time.

Here are some suggestions that can help you have a stylish yet casual hairstyle that can be worn when going to school courtesy of collegefashion.net and written by Zephyr, the College Fashion editor:

                    1. Slip on a Headband

For an elegant style smooth out your hair with a brush, then pull on a wide headband to cover up messier strands and look instantly polished. Try a shiny patent leather headband in an outfit-coordinating shade for a super-trendy look that’s very right-now.

2. Do a Messy Bun

This is the basic go-to staple for most college girls because it takes two seconds. Gather your hair on top of your head and wrap an elastic band around 2-3 times. Next, shape the bun with a few bobby pins that match your hair color, pull out a few ends to make it messier, and finish with a spray of hairspray.

3. Try Chopstick Hair

This style only looks difficult. It’s actually insanely easy to do. You don’t need actual chopsticks for this look – special hair sticks or even a pencil will work in a pinch.

4. Make a Chic Ponytail
If your hair is curly, use a little anti-frizz cream first. If you have straight locks, scrunch in curl cream to bring out some waves. Tease hair at the crown then pull into a low ponytail. Leave a ½ inch strand out and secure the ponytail with clear elastic. Wrap the extra strand around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

5. Do a Front Hair Poof
This popular hairstyle is a great way to hide bangs you might be growing out, and is also very simple to do. Just separate the section of
hair from temple to temple, tease it with a fine-toothed comb and secure with two bobby pins in an X. If your hair won’t stay in the bobby pins, tease the section more or use four pins.
Students can make their own hair style since the youth of today are very artistic enough in making themselves comfortable. Actually many students look fabulous even though they are wearing a simple hair style, because they say that it’s not only on how you look, but how you bring your style into the world.

Here are some links that is related on wearing a casual hairstyle:
* http://www.ehow.com/list_6902638_different-hairstyles-wear-school.html
* http://www.cute-easy-hairstyles.com/2009/10/09/casual-easy-half-up/
* http://www.cute-easy-hairstyles.com/2009/04/14/super-easy-messy-buns/
* http://www.cute-easy-hairstyles.com/2009/03/13/cute-easy-hairstyles-ponytails/
* http://www.collegefashion.net/beauty-and-hair/get-ready-fast-7-quick-and-easy-hairstyles/

Shops for you!

September 8, 2011
by Claire Amandy

BANG! U'r a Fashion Victim

September 8, 2011
by Almera Arabis

No one wants to look stiff, uncomfortable, sloppy, unkempt, rumpled and it’s a sure thing that girls would always want to look fashionably dressed up, but sometimes it means sacrificing comfortability. And being uncomfortable can make you feel irritated, makes you feel conscious on the way you look and sometimes wash away your creative mood and that is a BIG NO NO!!

Why wear high heeled shoes that can hurt your feet? Why not choose shoes that would fit your feet rather than your feet trying to fit in the shoes? Why wear long sleeves on a very hot day? Why wear short shorts in a cold weather or miniskirt when you are to commute? So as to say, the most important thing about dressing up is to be in style while still feeling comfortable and you can only achieve this through wearing clothes considering some factors such as weather, activities to do, occasion to attend to, and dress codes if there is any. You can wear flip flops, jeans, and a blouse still looking cute just don’t forget to match it with a pair of earrings, a bracelet, hair band and presto you are fab and comfty and no one could say that you did not put extra effort to your appearance.

And don’t be a fashion victim guys, you don’t have to follow “what’s new today” because it will never become a wrong thing to stick on your style as long as you are comfortable with it.  You have to learn your fashion boundaries because you might be looking ridiculous rather than fabulous. There are times when you have to Mind yourself and not what other people says. Don’t just be a fashion follower and hey fashionistas out there, do you want to know if you are a fashion victim or not? Here are some signs courtesy by magforwomen.com

1. Wearing clothes that don’t suit your body
If you are someone with a not-so-flat stomach and head out wearing a tight denim skirt, then you might get weird looks and stares from many people. Their looks are not because they like what you have worn, but they’re precisely because you are a complete disaster. If you wear outfits that don’t suit your body type, then you are a fashion victim. Your desperate desire to be in fashion leads you to commit massive mistakes while buying clothes. You either buy clothes that are too small for you or accentuate those body parts that shouldn’t be highlighted.
2. Continuing to wear past trends
You don’t stop wearing a trend when you should. You happily buy it when it’s in fashion, but you don’t realize when it’s long gone out of fashion.
3. Wearing inappropriate clothes for your age
There are some looks that never go out of fashion and anyone can carry them off very well such as the blue jeans and white shirt look. You can never go wrong in that. Now sample this, if you think a certain outfit would look great on your mother, then why the heck did you buy it? It will only add age to your features and make you look older than you are.
4. Wearing uncomfortable clothes
As said earlier, you follow fashion blindly. You don’t care whether it looks good on you or suits your body type or not. Similarly, you also end up buying clothes that are not meant for you. For instance, you may not feel comfortable in a tube top but still you go ahead and buy it. This speaks a lot about your fashion sense and also that it needs to be checked.

5. Adjusting your body according to the latest trend

As a fashion victim, apart from ruining your own dressing sense sometimes, you also fall prey to other ‘body adjusting’ trends. This means that if size zero figure is in fashion, then you will go on a diet, live on juices, starve yourself and do many such things just to achieve that size zero. You don’t see the pros and cons of any situation and just want to follow fashion trends.

6. Wearing too much of a trend

There will be one part of your body that counts as the best and thus you love it the most. It might be your legs, your eyes or your waist. So when you go to a party, you decide to highlight each of these body parts to grab more eyeballs. The outcome is you wear a chunky statement neckpiece, a pink ruffled (at the neck) pink blouse, cream mid-thigh skirt, wedge sandals and a black scarf. Well, just reading this is a bit overwhelming, then imagine putting all this on together. If you are a fashion victim, then you more than often wear such outfits just to attract more attention. In the bargain, you do get attention, but only negative.

7. Buying stuff because others are buying it too

This is the most clichéd of reasons to buy things not just for fashion victims, but for many other people. You see your friend/colleague buy a really pretty backless Valentino gown from the spring summer collection and being so ‘into’ fashion, you go ahead and buy it too. Points such as whether it will fit you, whether your back is appropriate for a backless and whether you have enough money to by the dress are not considered by you. You just buy it and therefore dear, you are a victim of fashion.

8. Wearing only top brands

If you drool at the thought of wearing a Jimmy Choo or have more than 5 Prada bags and want to get one more from their recent collection, then you are a fashion victim. You just go and buy clothes and accessories solely on the brand name.
It’s okay to be fashionable but to do it in excess and to make a fool out of yourself is surely not done. After reading this article, you’ve found out that you are indeed a fashion victim, then take necessary steps to eliminate your fashion faux pas.
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Nails Rock!

August 25, 2011
by Jean Elejorde

Nails are very important part of the body though it’s tiny part but plays a major role in beauty. We use nail polish; we get them manicured to make them look beautiful and healthy. These days, fingernails and toenails are considered by some as important points of beauty. Getting our nails polished becomes part of our fashion statements. And as what we can all observe, Rockers especially female ones add up nail art into their fashion statement. Black and white is the most common colors used. Most of the designs were merely related to their fashion like stripes, checkered, skulls, etc. this fashion is popularly known as “nail art”. 
Nail art is a creative way of designing fingernails. There are commercial shops ('nail bars') where nails are worked on to make them attractive. The main product is acrylic nails with ready-made designs which can be stuck on top of natural nails. In addition to that, there are different types of nail art designs and as a matter of fact I have already tried a lot of them but I prefer the handmade ones.
Hand- made designs refers to the hand painting of nails using special paint or nail polish, depending on the desired effect. A small piece of toothpick is used to make a design. Creating handmade nail art requires a little bit of skill but with a sense of practice, incredibly stylish designs can be created.

Here are some videos of nail art rock designs:
HOT PINK & BLACK NAIL ART DESIGN TUTORIAL CHECKERS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2bBO_Xe5OE&feature=player_embedded

Nail Art Tutorial Guitar Hero Rock Star Music Band Design for Short Nails Do Your Own Nails At Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we_qij2bcts&feature=player_embedded#!

Checkered Nails

Nail Art Tutorial - Punk Rock Scream Mask Halloween Scary Movies Design Fake Nails Stickers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq96B6j-j1I&feature=relmfu

Nail Art Tutorial - Pink & Black Lace Corset Pretty Bow Tie French Tip Design for short nails http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_aFn524wOA&feature=relmfu