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Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

Do it like a dude

September 26, 2011
by Almera Arabis

Men, just like women, need to groom. Men need to look fresh and young, to be attractive and to be refreshing. Whether you are panky type, or you’re a more of a classic type, or a guy always on formal attire, or a gothic guy, or even a rockista, you need to always look on the go. The key actors are skin care, wardrobe, attitude and a perfect perfume as well. So is the hair. Grooming won’t be complete leaving the hair messy. Even if you are wearing the trendiest clothing in town if you don’t give enough effort on your hair, everything will be useless. Here are some simple routines that can help you maintain a manly look with your hair.


Shampoo: Choose a nice shampoo with a scent that would be appealing to other people’s taste, a shampoo with a ph balanced to keep your hair looking healthy and clean. Shampoo your hair twice in every bath to ensure that the scalp is thoroughly cleaned up.  This can make you look cool and feel great.

Tone: Gently massage your scalp with your fingertips or the pads of your fingers and not with your fingernails as if you are making a spider push-ups with your hands. Make it a routine whenever taking a bath even for just a few minutes because it helps the scalp release its natural oil since most of the oil is near the scalp and doing this is a good thing for the hair.

Condition: Condition your hair with a moisturizer. This can make your hair look smooth especially if you have dry hair.

Pat Dry:  don’t rub your hair when drying, do it in a squeezing motion or on a direction the hair grows to avoid tangles causing damage to hair cuticles which can lead to frizziness and split ends. And blow drying can also damage your hair and scalp but if it’s a necessity for you to use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray to coat the hair and protect it from damage. 

Stay away from Chemical Treatments. Don’t torture your hair with repeatedly coloring because this can make your hair look dry, dull, and lifeless. If you have an extra penny, you can go to a professional stylist to give the proper treatment for your hair type. Don't be cheap when it comes to hair styling products. It’s better to spend for good quality gel, pomade, or any other hair products than to be problematic on how to revive your old hair after it has been damage because of using cheap and low quality products.;

Use the Right Tools when grooming. Use natural bristles brush, wide-toothed comb if you have curly hair and if combing wet hair to lessen tangles. Avoid using blow dryer and irons to keep your hair looking healthy. Have a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, exercise, drink 8 glasses of water daily, get enough sleep, doing all of these will result  in a healthier scalp and hair.

Choose a nice style pal choose a comfortable hair style that can easily be maintain and suits your lifestyle. If you have a short hair, you probably won’t need any styling maintenance since it will style itself with the help of the natural oil from your scalp.

Minimize the use of tight hats dude. The use of tight hats can cause traction alopecia or falling hair. This can lead to a permanent damage to the scalp and might lead to baldness. So if the occasion or situation doesn’t require it, you better avoid the use of tight hats.

Keep it Trimmed. Get your hair trimmed every six weeks, by this, you can prevent the worsening of damaged hair such as split ends. Choose a hair cut that is age appropriate and that can make you look years younger in appearance. Consider the shape of your face in choosing the right hair cut. Trust your trimmings and hair cut only to professionals.

Get Rid of Gray. Gray hair can add a few years to your appearance, so better get rid of them, by that you will be able to look age younger than your real age. Avoid home jobs because wrong choice of chemicals might give you a bad hair day for how many weeks or months so, better ask for the skills of professionals to avoid damage on hair. 


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