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Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

Meet the Bloggers!

Meet the LAKWATSERAS from Polytechnic University of the Philippines saying “there’s more to it than meet the eye”: Rachel Ann Cardenas, Almera Arabis, Mary Claire Theressa Amandy, Kathlyn Clemente, and Jean Elejorde!
The five of us are taking up Bachelor in Communication Research. We are classmates, seatmates, and cheatmates —come on guys!! I know you have one too or who knows you might be having more cheatmembers than us…oppss, I’m just kidding!!hahah… So where are we now?? Well we are best of friends and GOSH!! How we really wish to become housemates too. That exactly explains how close we are to each other that we even want to live under one roof.
We share few things in common but sharing a lot of differences, we only have the best understanding of our differences.

We’re just like the random students you see every day, typical in short. Just like you we complain about those cerebral bleeding lessons (especially math… we really hate that). We go to school thrice a week (hey! we are not what you think we are, we are not lazy, what can we do anyway that’s our schedule. Kung pwede nga lang pumasok every day para may baon).  We often get noticed by our beloved teachers…why 0_o?  It is because we are so loud, “kalokohan” all the way but not all the time especially when our teacher’s a terror..hahah. We love talking gossips, watching movies, window shopping, man- hunting, we have this obsession on Korean stuffs and we’re GREEN ‘coz we LOOOOVEE nature (hmp kemedu).

And just so you know guys, we are all INLOVE!! <3
We’re inLOVE with Cameras and we love FASHION!!!

Laugh trip is our thing but FASHION's our game

Hey guys! I’m Almera Arabis—don’t get frightened with my surname ok? I won’t bite you!!
I’m 19 years of age--never had a real boyfriend ever since the beginning of eternity but I’m hoping someday, somewhere, somehow MAY MAPIPIKOT RIN AKO!! Hahah but seriously of all seriousness I am serious.

My friends say I’m a sassy girl, that I’m fun to be with, that I have an earsplitting laughter (well I can guarantee you that, I can hear naman myself noh.), they say I’m approachable, some says I’m cute but for those who think I’m not—just keep it unsaid ok?? Hahah. They say I’m good at cracking green jokes but I guess that’s one thing I shouldn’t be proud of. My closest friends say I’m lovable but hearing them say that makes me doubt their HONESTY!! Hello no one’s even courting me!!
Fun becomes me. Laughing is my gasoline, my engine and my drive (I don’t have a car eh so yan nalng). I love releasing gases (for me burping is always a relief). I hate it when the ambiance is so sad, and I hate it even more when I saw someone crying (not that I hate the person but I hate the situation instead). I don’t like darkness, bitterness, awkwardness, and I don’t like enviousness. On the other hand, I love doing things in the virtue of positivity and happiness.

I’m human still, and that connotes that I’m not perfect. But actually I never ever once dream of being perfect because of the saying “nobody is perfect” and if I become perfect, therefore I will become nobody (uhmm pilosopo) but makes sense right? hahah

By the way, I hate the word “UNFRIEND”, why was it even invented?

Hi everyone! I’m Kathlyn Clemente, you can call me Kath for short or CUTE if you like—it’s your choice you know!!

I’m 18 years of age, not a girl not yet a woman— never did my heart beats for someone, meaning I belong to the NBSB Gang but I’m always looking up and waiting for someone to fall down from heaven above and come hell or high water I will do anything to catch him..hahah

Color blue is my delight, for me it signifies calmness and peacefulness and I love it for that. I’m beautiful..if ..if .. if.. my pair of eyes is not being bias (I’m so braggart, am not i? hahah) —well I’m not going to wait for someone to say that thing to me when I can do it myself right?

I love reading English novels and I admire Nicholas Sparks amongst all the writers. I like to be in a place with green pasture because it’s like feeding my hungry soul. I love being with my friends and I prefer listening to all their sentiments in life than spilling mine. I’m very much candid and truthful especially to those people who need my honesty. Do you want to know my likes and dislikes? Well spare me for that question because the allotted space given to me wouldn’t be enough to lay them down one by one. But to make a thing certain about me, well I’m not perfect just as you are and the rest of the humankind. I have a lot of imperfections but I’m very willing to do anything just to remove the “im” and get to be near even just a little towards perfection not just for my own sake but for the sake of the people around me whom I valued the most. 

Hello everyone! I’m Mary Claire Theressa Amandy

Sooo to make my long name short  call me claire, khaye, kikay, chris, bhe, and more. Hahaha Well, you can call me anyway you want but please be nice ok??

I’m 18 years old and yet childish sometimes– single and ready to rock and roll. Fine, I know I’m childish—who’s not? Some people say I’m snobbish (excuse me!! Of course not! Ikaw lng unang nang i-snob) Others say I’m “mataray”. Okay fine! I am mataray (NOT all the TIME!).

I’m a cry baby when it comes to my family. I believe in the saying that “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces” - George Santayana, The Life of Reason. They are the most important thing to me and I can’t live without them.

I’m a bubbly person when I’m with my friends (I think!) well I love being with my friends. I can be myself when I’m with them because I know that they LOVE me for who I am and I tell them everything that’s happening to me even the craziest and stupidest things about me. I’m easy to get along with and I have this instinct that I can easily trust you even on the first day that I just met you and tell you my whole life or story.
Having my family and friends around are the best moments in my life. I think I can easily fall for someone who’s romantic, sweet, and thoughtful and that sucks because I don’t know if there’s still a guy having those qualities. The only thing I know is that God reserved a special someone for me. (Hopeless Romantic, INDEED! ahahaha)

Rachel is my name and fashion is my game

I'm Rachel Ann Cardenas but best known as 'Cheng'.  Currently taking Communication Research at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. 18 years of age and an only child- yes, fortunately for me.

They say I'm loud and I'm not going to deny it because making noise is my talent. Most of my friends describes me as cute, bubbly, emotional, funny and etc. Well there my friends so they only see the good side, but for me there is more than my pretty face. 

Best describe me would be wild, adventurous, unpredictable, moody, spoiled and a lot more. I'm a shopahlic, period. I love shopping so much that I would marry it if it's legal. Buying new clothes, shoes, accessories and just anything that I could add up with my collection is worth the penny for me. My mom and my dad are kind of scared of my addiction to fashion. They see it as a illness or a mental disability for me, but I think I'm just inlove with it. You know what they say "You can never stop a beating heart" and my heart belongs to fashion.

I like dressing up because it brightens up my mood everytime I feel down. In short I just like to dress up.  Styling myself with different fashion sense is my hobby. I'm not the type to stick my the same style for a week so I make my fashion unpredictable- one day I'm too girly then the next I became chic. 

All I can say is 'NEVER BE AFRAID OF COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET'. Try new things that would make you feel happy will lead you to success. 

Hello people out there! I’m Jean Elejorde. I’m 18 years old. I’m now recently taking up Bachelor of Communication Research at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines at Sta. Mesa, Manila. .
If I’m going to describe myself, other people find me snobbish. Well, I’m a certified KALOG, BALIW anything you can relate to craziness. I love doing crazy (sometimes naughty) stuffs. But I know my limitations. I’m also a certified MALDITA and MATARAY. I don’t want to be the “API” . . . I will stand with my beliefs if I know I’m right. (I know right!) I hate when someone is making “AWAY” and “API” with my friends. Heller!!! I’m one of the BITCHES. .. You might be barking at the wrong tree. (tarush!) I was even hailed as the QUEEN B or BITTER QUEEN. (ansabeh!!)

When it comes to fashion, I love wearing just simple tees, pants, and closed shoes. Flip-flops are a BIG NO-NO for me. It makes me feel that my feet are dirty. I love shoes. Though I’m not that short, I love wearing high heels and wedges.  Having a long hair makes me feel that I’m a really girl. I have long beautiful, shiny, and soft hair. (para sakin!) .

I love going to different places. I’m a certified GALA! I’m an adventurous person. I love doing new things. Different experiences are one of the best teachers for me.

I love being with my friends. Being with a different circle of friends makes me feel that someone can understand my personalities. Hanging out with barkadas is one of the best things in life.

LIFE. For me, just live your lives to the fullest. Enjoy everything you do.  Grab opportunities that come in your way. Don’t rush things in life. Everything happens for the right time at the right place with the right people with the right reason.

LOVE. Love is unexplainable. That’s why I don’t know what to say. (ahhahaha!!! joke!) Being in love with each other is the best. But I can say that it can be the worst. . . I have experienced falling in and out of love. Yes it hurts! But it made me more realize that there is more than being in tears and crying alone. Hey! Don’t put yourself down when someone leaves you because they don’t love / like you anymore. You must show to them that you can still stand without them. Show to them that you can still show more of yourself. The show must go on. 

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