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Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

Rock Out Loud!

August 25, 2011
by Kathlyn Clemente

Rock is not only for music but for fashion as well. Rock fashion emerged during 1960s together with the escalating popularity of the rock music. It is now usually well-liked by the students around the university grounds. The youth’s love for rock music goes along with the love for fashion associated with it.

As I observed around the campus, the common color of a rock “fashonista" is black. Sometimes it has a printed music icon or band which they idolized for sure. Moreover, some students wear dark colored shirts as their new way of promoting rock fashion. One of this, as I seen to most of them the color dark violet is an in thing now. I’ve seen some rock looking students wearing this color of shirt. They get the idea of their fashion style through the music their listening and it is also a big factor on what they have seen on internet sites and television. They also loved wearing ripped jeans and the faddy skinny jeans which shows their stature. The chucks and vans shoes are one of the first choices of the rockers because of its unique styles and colors. Well, the girls have a chic type of rock fashion they play with their dress turning out to be a glamorous rock “fashionista”.

There are times that youths or students who love rock fashion misunderstood by many as rebels. Being a rocker doesn’t mean that they are rebels, as the old saying goes, don’t judge the book by its cover. It is just a fashion statement that proves the creative minds of the students of today’s generation. There is the fact that students are in a stage that they want to express themselves that they want the people around them think that they exist. It is just their own way of proving, how about yours?

Fashion materialize into various type, is it up to you on what type you belong. For now, let’s makes the fashion rocks!

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