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Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011

What is Fashion?

by Almera Arabis (August 25, 2011)

Fashion is a term generally used to portray a style or chic of clothing worn by nearly everyone. Fashion refers to the presently popular style, foot wear, accessories, hair style, makeup, gadgets and most especially in clothing. It is something we deal everyday of every week as we go to school, to work to anywhere. In addition to that, it has the power to change an image and make a social statement. Even those people who say that they don’t care much about what they wear and don’t intend to make a statement, they are actually making a statement the fact that they choose clothes every morning that articulate a lot about them. More often than not, everything you wear on sends meaning. So as to say, without you knowing, you are already wearing your fashion.
Moreover, fashion isn't just about our clothing choices; it is a personal mode of expressing ourselves to any given circumstances which most of the time varies with others. Likewise, you can use fashion to disguise your true self, it can be a way for escapist to deal with pressure (example: you have family problems but you decide to wear clothes with joyful colors and flurry ruffles to hide your inner emotions).
However, despite wearing seductive, expensive and fashionable clothes, makeup, and accessories if we do not know how to carry ourselves, everything will be useless. Thus, you become what you wear and what you wear becomes you and that is what you call FASHION.
 Credits: Photo from Google.com

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