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Sabado, Oktubre 15, 2011

One of the Best :)))

                       Writing is not really my interest. I find it boring and dull. Actually, I find it a hard task because you have to make a creative and interesting writing piece that will be like by your readers. Blogging is not new to my ears. The only thing I knew about blogging is that people want to share things that suits to their interests that might suits to the interest of others. They can share their thoughts and ideas through writings, pictures, videos, and etc. But I admit to myself that I’m not an avid reader of any blog sites in the world on virtual reality.
                       When Professor Angelina Borican required us, BCR 3-2 to create own blog sites and write our blogs as part of our requirements in Online Writing, I was a little bit worried because writing is not my line and interest. She said that we are free to choose our own theme for our blog sites and the topics we want to share. I was relieved when my group mates: Cheng, Almera, Kathlyn, and Claire agreed to the theme of fashion. You know what, though I’m not that the fashionista, I love looking other people’s fashion statement especially shoes. I love looking them on how they carry they clothes, how do they do the “mix and match style, what to do and not to do, what should they have, etc.

                      In this activity, it realized that it was difficult to find topics for a blog. You have to think of first or predict the possible topics that will suits to the interest of your readers to be able to attract them to read your blogs. I also realized that how will you advertise or let the people know about your blog site. Of course, your blog entries will not be effective in no one reads your stories. A blogger should think of other ways or style of presenting their entries to be able to attract your customers like movie, slide shows, pictures, etc.
All of my entries in our blog sites really suit my interest like the nail art, vintage fashion and what a guy should have in their wardrobe. There are times that I have to change topic because i have found out that sometimes it is boring and dull. You know what, in my facebook account, I have added a lot on online shop to look for some ideas about current fashion trends.
                     There are a lot of experiences happened that I can’t forget in this blogging experience. I have learned more new things about fashion. One thing I can’t forget in this blogging experience is when our account in blogspot.com was hacked. We’re all shock about that. We are worried because all of our entries and pictures in our blog sites we’re all gone and cannot be open again.
Everything new to me is a wonderful experience for me. I admit I was wrong to say that writing is not boring and dull after all. It was also a very worth it activity. I have experience to explore new things and activities for me. These experiences were a very good one because as what they have or people said, “experience is one of the best teacher”. 
                    I have enjoyed blogging very much but I can’t leave or say a word that I will continue writing on this. I was inspired by some of our feature people that came from different university about their mottos in fashion. But my fashion motto statement is that “Don’t be a trying hard, just be yourself and carry yourself with confidence.

Biyernes, Oktubre 14, 2011

I Blogged!

by Almera Y. Arabis

To write online was something new to me. And at first I hated the idea because I have never been confident on the way I write. Another reason was the fact that a lot of people will have the chance to read and criticize my writings. It made me fearful that I might do some mistakes which will cause me embarrassment. But after posting my first article a realization suddenly hit me, -- GREAT, I realize how great it feels whenever you finish one article and be able to post it online. Another feeling that I won’t ever forget was when I saw someone’s name on the followers list, the fact that we were not yet promoting our blog. It was PRICELESS.  It’s a simple act but a big thing for our group because it’s a recognition and a sign that someone appreciates our blog. Aside from this, I also won’t forget the time when our account got hacked and that was one of teeth grinding experience dude, the most of us were like one hell of panicked babies. And I can’t remember how many times we have cursed that hacker, although we really don’t have any idea who that “attackerboy” was. We were really mad that we even planned on learning how to hack on someone’s account but thanks to the questions “Can we really do that? Are we that evil?” that we did not pursue on our plan—hahah.

Thanks to this activity that I learned a lot of things. I’ve learned the proper way of writing online. I’ve learned to work under pressure, the fact that we need to submit and post our articles on a specific deadline. I’ve learned to pay attention on things that I usually don’t pay attention to, to write considering your readers’ interest and to do tasks without stepping on other people’s views and opinions. This experience even made me want to create my own personal blog. And I will be doing it not because I am required to but simply because I like doing it.

Blogging, Can I?

by Kathlyn G. Clemente

                I am not new on blogging, I have done one but failed to pursue it because of lack of the ability to write good articles and the absence of interesting topic. Through blogging people can express their ideas and emotions, plus their opinions about something they have seen. Sometimes it is a way for a person to show and tell who they are. There are a lot of different blogs circulating on the internet, from fashion, to politics, to personal and lot more.       

                Making our group blog is one of the requirements that our professor has given to us. We need to upload stories at a given deadline. We’ve been tasked to blog about our own field of interest. For us, we have chosen the student’s fashion. We did observed and asked students around the campus about their fashion statements and styles. While doing the blog we did interview our fellow students around the campus in order for us to have enough opinions and information on what they say about fashion. It is nice to have an experience of talking to them because it practices our skill on interacting towards people. Writing online or blogging is a very powerful tool in expressing such views and informing people. Having the experience of blogging is quite fun. We have felt the responsibility of our writing. Even though we do take fashion as our center of interest, we still have the task not to step on others people views or opinions. We did consider that we are giving information and assures that they had fun reading it. There came the time that our blog site has been hacked. All of our entries are gone, luckily I have saved my entries to my email and laptop therefore no hassle thinking of writing it again. We as a group immediately addressed the problem and solve it. We did make a new blog. There are just moments that we are faced with something that instead of cursing and complaining, we just need to solve the trouble right away without feeling so much stress.             
                One of my goals in life is to have a very sensible blog. I just have a dilemma that I am not good in writing and hard to produce an interesting one.  I know the fact that blogging can move people. It is widely used by students and intellectual people who care and aware on what’s happening around them. This requirement made me realize that it is fun to write online and also to see who’s going to follow and will have their comments, even though we gather a little. Nevertheless, it is still a fulfillment.  

My Adventure Online Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡

by Mary Claire Amandy¯\_(ツ)_/¯
October 15, 2011

I really enjoy this blogging experience especially because it’s a group blog and we can choose whoever we want to be within the group. Of course! I chose to be with my friends and we had agreed to have a fashion blog. When we’re talking about how our blog should go I am already worried because I am thinking of the entries that I will upload. Will it make sense? Will people read it? Gosh! What if nobody read my entry? More than ever our grade will also depend on how many will follow and read our blog. Haha thoughts like that are kept flashing through my mind. I can’t help it I haven’t experienced blogging. I am new to this. Plus the fact that we will feature different fashion sense of students from different universities and the new and “IT” trends these days.

It was fun sharing tips and suggestions about fashion even though I am not that into fashion. Yeah right! Haha how will you be able to give tips and suggestions about fashion if you yourself need it? But then with the help of my friends I manage to do it. Before the due date of uploading of entries, we interview students from different colleges to describe their craze and ask tips and suggestions. Before we did this “interrogation” thing, my thought was like “everyone is wearing the same clothes I mean blouse, T-shirt, shorts, pants, what’s the difference?” Afterwards I learned that everyone is different from each other because of the reasons of why they are wearing what they are wearing and that makes them UNIQUE from the rest.

My first blog entry was about a make-up tutorial on how to be a “ROCK CHICK!” I studied cosmetology when I was in high school but I’m not really into it so I just learned the basics in putting a make-up. I know my learning about this course is not enough so I got help from the video tutorials in youtube. I was sooo happy when we first uploaded our entry. When I was thinking of what my second entry will be I thought that if my ideas of my first entry is from the videos that I watched, why not make a video. I decided to make slide show and got the pictures from the online shops. Surely I ask the owner of the online shops if I could use the images of their products and ask them some questions about their business. It was entertaining to make a slide show since it’s also my first time to make one. On the third entry, since we love to man-hunt we agreed to feature male fad like how they fix their hair, their clothing, their accessories and etc. well I prefer to feature the male’s flavour when it comes to wearing jeans in view of the fact that there’s a lot of jeans’ design now.

Everything’s running smoothly when our DISASTER came! OUR BLOG WAS HACKED! OMG! Haha my friend texted me saying someone hacked our blog. And I replied with “OMG! What the hell happened? Masyado ata nagandahan sa blog natin.haha” that was my initial reaction well that is because I don’t want to stress myself and I know that all is going to be well. Nevertheless when I realized that all our entries was deleted and remembered that our professor will rely on our blog in grading us that’s when the panicky feeling came. Well, thank you to our excellent Dean, Mam Angie. She allowed us to make a new blog and upload again our works. ^_^

I am not really into writing however I enjoy this blogging thing and it turned out that this is not just a requirement for me but a time for me to bond with my classmates slash friends. Also it’s a learning experience for me because it gives me chance to explore myself into other fields of writing. Hope one day I’ll have the courage to make my personal blog and discuss things that will people will be fond of.

Tough times never last, tough people do ^_^,v