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Sabado, Oktubre 15, 2011

Experience It Online

by Rachel Ann Cardenas

The day our professor told us that our subject is about writing online, specifically blogging, I was quite excited. I've always wanted to try blogging back then but I have no idea on what to blog, and I just feel like no one would  even bother reading my blog except for myself. This is a new experience not only for me but for all of us. Though there are times that I post notes or random things on my Facebook account, blogging is still different in many ways. 

It was fun creating the blog. I was the one assigned to create the blog and design it. Boy! it was hard at first because I don't know anything about designing a blog. But with the help of many tutorials and reading instructions on the net I was able to customize it with the perfect design for our theme which is fashion. I was so enthusiastic with the outcome. 

Since we are a group, we decided to write about student's fashion since all of us are students and we like to dress. Being a fashion lover, I find it easy for me to come up with a topic entry since I already know many things when it comes to fashion. We decided to interview students and get there actual picture to be posted on the blog. It wasn't hard to look for our subjects since the students are very helpful and humble to take part on our adventure of blogging. The only hard part we encounter was when our blog was hacked. I was like O___O and T.T after I saw our blog. Good thing we saved our entries and our professor was kind enough to give us time to create a new one. 

I was never confident with my writing because I'm not really an expert at it. It's not like I'm bad with writing, it's just that I have my own form of writing that some people take as unprofessionally written. Writing on this blog was quite a challenge for me because I have to be careful with no mistakes since my post can be read by anyone online. Thanks to my group mates since they also helped me improve my writing, especially with grammar.

Having this blog was a great learning for all of us especially to me for I was never much of a fan of writing because I like reading more. But because of this blogging requirement I was able to explore my skills in writing and I learned that writing is not that bad as long as you try. Though I may not create my own blog anytime soon because of the hectic schedule, maybe one day when I'm 100% confident of my writing skills I'll create my own blog. I'll still continue writing about myself offline, but for now I'll focus on good things like studying. When time comes I might be able to write my own novel online and who knows I might be the next Bob Ong

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