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Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2011


September 8, 2011
by Rachel Ann Cardenas

As students, ita's not new that we apply make-up before going to school or just outside our home. Even guys have their beauty regimen before they step outside to face the world. Especially us girls, we must look fresh everyday not only to look good in front of our 'crush' but also to boost our self-esteem. 

Due to the climate setting we have here in the Philippines, we tend to look hassle even before we reach the gate of the university. Our make-up all smudge-up, our lipstick is  fading and those mascara on our eyes is already gone. It's all because of the hot weather. To prevent this to happen, a simple make-up will do. We don't want to over-do your make-up that will only make you look like we're going to a circus, right? And what makes a simple make-up without a foundation or what we call as face powder.

Now, foundation or face powder is the base of all make-up. Before anything else, we apply foundation first. Because this is the first base of applying make-up, it is important to use the foundation that will be best for our skin. Choosing the right type of foundation will prevent us from having skin allergies, irritation and even that awful acne. 

There are lots of cosmetic brands that offer good foundation or face powder for all skin-types. Some of these brands include VMV, Sisheido, Max Factor, Revlon, Cover Girl, Bobbi Brown and etc. These brands are hypoallergenic, so it means it's good for our skin. They have good ingredients that are not harmful for the skin, thus giving their customers satisfaction. It may be a little bit pricey for students, but it will be worth of every penny if you have sensitive skin.

But if you really don't have the cash to buy this costly cosmetic products, there are still brands that offers good quality at a low cost. Products such as Clean&Clear, Johnson's&Johnsons, Garnier, Careline, Pond's, etc. offers a wide selection of cosmetics that are not harmful for the skin. These brands have already established a name in the world of cosmetics, therefore having loyal customers. 

1. When applying face powder, cleanse your face first because it might cost skin problems.
2. Never share your foam or brush with others. It's called proper hygeine.
3. If you have oily skin, use oil control film or products that can reduce oiliness. Before   applying make-up always remember to remove the oil on your face.
4. Choose a face powder one-tone lighter than your skin or just the natural tone of your skin. 
5. If you have unwanted marks on your face, it's better to apply concealer first then your face powder.

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